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Event Information

event info

Event Information

If you have already entered this year's Run and wish to purchase tender parking, luggage transfers or, additional participant passes please click  the button below.


If you have any queries,  please contact The Veteran Car Run Team via email: or telephone: +44(0)1372 229270

Key dates: 

Early Bird entries - open Wednesday 17 May, close Tuesday 27 June 

Advance entries - open Wednesday 28 June, close Tuesday 8 August 

Standard entries - open Wednesday 9 August, close Wednesday 20 September

The Veteran Car Run Handbook is an excellent source of information, whether you're a regular participant on the Run, or are considering taking part for the first time.  Click on the 'Veteran Car Run Handbook' box below to view and download the PDF.

Event Timetable

Veteran Car Run Handbook

Route Guide

VCC Dating Info

Overseas Vehicles


Driving in London


Longevity Medals

Safety Film*

Driving Etiquette

*All participants of the Run are required to watch this Safety Film before taking part each year. It covers all aspects of the Run to help ensure participants a safe passage to the Madeira Drive finish line.


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