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London to Brighton vehicles and parts for sale

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London to Brighton vehicles and parts for sale

We are delighted to share with you a listings page for authenticated Brighton Cars, Cycles and Motorcycles and relevant parts and accessories which are currently for sale. We will add to this page as further listings are submitted and update the page accordingly. Please note, the Royal Automobile Club is in no way acting as a broker or intermediary to facilitate a sale.  Any vehicle appearing for sale will subject to  a check on the status of its VCC Dating Certificate before being considered for the Run.

If you are interested in a vehicle or item, please contact the vendor using the details in the listing. If you have a suitable vehicle or item for sale that you would like featured here, please click on the relevant button below to access our submission form.

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  • 1904 Clement-Talbot

    11 Aug 2022
    This motor car has a 2 block, 2 cylinder 9hp engine. Black paint with red and gold striping and beige leather seats. 4 brass lights and oiler. Participated several times in the London to Brighton Run ...
  • This 1902/1903 Northern 5 hp single cylinder 1800 cc runabout, chassis and engine number 1476 is the oldest surviving Northern out of only 11 five hp Northerns known to exist. With its two speed plane ...
  • Residing in a private collection for decades, this delightful little Clement Panhard is a rare late production survivor. Fewer than 10 are known to be in existence from the 500 or so examples produced ...
  • 1894 Benz Velo

    05 Aug 2022
    1894 Benz Velo, with VCC passport. Past-entrant on the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run. 
  • After many years of ownership it is time to sell my De Dion-Bouton Model 6 from 1904.  A lovely original car which has completed the London to Brighton many times over its life.
  • A genuine 1898 Panhard Levassor Type M2F 6hp Wagonette. Chassis no. 1408, engine no. 1408. 1.7-litre 2-cylinder inline Daimler engine. Original Carburetor 'Phenix'. Very original vehicle, significant history, well documented. VCC Certificate No: 2030

  • 1900 Locomobile Steam Car. Locomobile steam car from 1900 with VCC certificate. Very original and in good order, drives like a steam car should drive. 
  • Built in France by Georges Richard, this car bears an uncanny resemblance to Car No 47 in the 1000 Mile Trial of 1900 and carries identical Iveagh bodywork as the car entered by the Automobile Manufacturing Co.
  • A brand new tyre by Universal Tyre Co 30x3 and a used Firestone 30x3 tyre inner tube 30x3.5.
  • This is a square/oblong water tank for an Oldsmobile Curved Dash.


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